what mer realm do you belong in?

there is many people out there that believe in mermaids so i made this quiz so you know what realm you belong in so i hope that you enjoy my FABULOUS quiz

so are amped to find out what mer realm you belong in let us see where you need to be in the oceans of this big big world oh ps have so much fun doing this

Created by: hayley

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you believe in the mer (mermaids mermen ect.)
  2. where do you live
  3. what is the nearest ocean
  4. saltwater
  5. freshwater
  6. do you want to be part of miromara
  7. do you want to be part of atlantica
  8. do you want to be up north in ondilania
  9. do you want to be in matali
  10. d you want to be where its warm all year
  11. do you want to be close to land
  12. did you like my quiz

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Quiz topic: What mer realm do I belong in?