What Member Of The Fellowship Of The Ring Are You Like?

In this brief quiz you will discover which Fellowship of the Ring member you are most similar too!

Honestly answer these 12 simple questions about personality to find out what character is just like you!

Created by: papi alcachofa
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  1. Do you have a wide circle of friends? If so, are they diverse?
  2. How do you handle stressful situations?
  3. Which best describes yourself?
  4. How to you react to danger or threats?
  5. Do you appreciate history? What about beauty? Stories? Nature?
  6. True or False: You would do anything for your friends or family.
  7. True or False: My curiosity sometimes gets me into trouble.
  8. Are you more humble or proud?
  9. How fun loving and adventurous are you?
  10. Which quality do you admire most?

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Quiz topic: What Member Of The Fellowship Of The Ring am I Like?