Could you Survive the Fellowship of the Ring

So I have been looking for a quiz like this for forever. Seriously people all the quizes with a title like this ask questions like would you use an axe or a spear.

So being the person I am I have made what I deam to be the most accurate lord of the rings could you survive the fellowship of the ring quiz. Please answer all questions truthfully.

Created by: PJO_HP_LOTR
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  1. So how do you feal about going outside.
  2. So Role Play Question!!! You are stuck in the woods and are seriously hungry. You have no idea what to eat. Wich option would you robably do.
  3. Now be warned this i a discusting question. Do you think it is okay to drink your own urine.
  4. There is a big grou school project you...
  5. People say you are...
  6. Your fatal flaw is...
  7. Do you need to eat breakfast in the morning to be happy and civil
  8. Can you keep yourself entertained when you are bored. Please answer this honestly!
  9. Again please answer this honestly. Could you kill a human being.
  10. What are your opinions on death.

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