What member of my family are u

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Hey so uhm this will decide what member of my family you are in my opinion from uh you know nevermind and so yeah I’m watching bobs burgers my favorite show so it

took me a while to write this cause I was distracted so yeah lol I can’t even think of that many questions it’s really hard to make quizzes cause I can’t ever think of any questions

Created by: TeaTime

  1. What would describe yourself as?
  2. Ya like cooking?
  3. Fav color?
  4. Do you watch bobs burgers
  5. You good at Minecraft?
  6. Are you supportive of someone even if you don’t like what their doing?
  7. Do you love dogs
  8. Country or city?
  9. Always on your computer or whatever?
  10. YES THE END (answers don’t affect results)

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