Which Soty family member are you?

you wanted to find out what member of the Soty family you were so get ready to see the results! it is the moment you have been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!

so here it is. your results are finally here. who do you think you could be. write down in the comments who you got and who you wanted to get. Who is your Favorite kid from Soty? tell us in the comments.

Created by: Cameron Swank

  1. what is your favorite activity
  2. Who is your favorite?
  3. What is your favorite video game?
  4. What is your favorite channel?
  5. Who is your favorite parent?
  6. Where do they live?
  7. What is there dog's name?
  8. What is your gender
  9. How many floors do they have in there house?
  10. How many people live in there house?

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Quiz topic: Which Soty family member am I?