Which Losers Club member are you?

Everyone can be a member of the losers club. Which member of the losers club are you? Are you Bill, Eddie, Ben, Richie, Stanley, Beverly, or Mike? You can be any of them.

Can you get your favorite? Maybe you might get someone who is not your favorite. Make sure not to stress about it. Have fun and have good luck. You'll float too!

Created by: Jason Marks

  1. What is your worst fear?
  2. What do you get bullied for?
  3. What's your dream job?
  4. What is your favorite last name?
  5. What is your artifact?
  6. Who is your worst enemy?
  7. Who is your best friend?
  8. Male or female?
  9. What role do you play in your friend group?
  10. Pennywise is scary?

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Quiz topic: Which Losers Club member am I?