What maze runner job will you have?

Which glader are you like? DO you think you will get the job you want?

Please be completely honest and don't put the answers down that you think will help you become the one you want. Thanks and enjoy the Quiz. Good luck!

Created by: Shay Roddy
  1. Which job would you rather have in the Glade?
  2. What Keeper would you like to have
  3. Do you like Gardening or being in charge?
  4. Do you like running?
  5. Do you like Cooking or slicing up animals...?
  6. Who is your favorite Character?
  7. Do you like to clean?
  8. Do you like to help people and keep them safe?
  9. Do you like to build?
  10. Do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What maze runner job will I have?