How well do you know the scorch trials?

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After they escaped the maze, the gladers get to a safe building with clothes and food where they can be protected, but when Thomas and Aris discover what is going on, the gladers must escape and now cross the scorch to save themselves again.

And how much do you know about the newest maze runner instalment? Are you a true glader, or have you already got the flare and become a crank? Well you you could wonders until now when this epic phase of the maze runner quizzes will prove your knowledge, good luck and score high!

Created by: Spyrorules122
  1. What is the first thing you see in the movie?
  2. What truth did Janson hide to all the teens?
  3. Who discovered what WICKD was really up to?
  4. When was the movie released?
  5. Who do the gladers meet first?
  6. How many crank attacks are survived?
  7. What did Thomas use to attack the WICKD troops at the right arm?
  8. What is the scorch like?
  9. Where do the gladers go first?
  10. Which glader revealed they were on WICKD's side?
  11. How does Harriet know Aris?
  12. Was the quiz fun?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the scorch trials?