what glader are you????

Who do you what to be in the maze runner???? Teresa,Thomas,Minho,Gally,Chuck or Newt???? fined out by playing my quiz what glader are you????:):):):)!

you will be asked a lode of different questions please answer honestly then you will get you results hope you enjoy :):):):):):) P.S. if you leave a comment plz put #teambrenda or #teamteresa thanks

Created by: grace
  1. what is your favorite glader term
  2. what best describes you
  3. if you woke up in a box and could not remember anything then what would you do?
  4. what maze runner power would you want?
  5. if you found a way out by your self what would you do?
  6. you can get anything from the box but only one thing what do you get?
  7. you see a beetle blade and you have know idea what it is alby is next to you what do you do?
  8. your in the glade you got to clear your head what do you do?
  9. your in dead heads and you turn and see Ben standing there with his stunged body going through the changeing what do you do?
  10. who do you want really??;)

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Quiz topic: What glader am I????