What maximumride charter are u?

Are you part of the flock,do you wanna find out. the flock is form James Pattersons serris Maximum Ride:... so are you a member of the flock?

so, are you Max, the leader. Fang, her roght hand man Iggy, the bomb expert Nudge, the talksholkic, girly girl The Gasman,just dont pull his finger Or Angle, the little loveable picopath

Created by: Stream
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Fighting
  2. end of the world, what would you do
  3. love life
  4. what about respecting atority
  5. whats your favorite type of music
  6. people telling you what to do
  7. audlts
  8. so hows the quiz going for ya
  9. was this a wastse of your time
  10. well good bye

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