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  • For some reason I also got "Elijah Wood" as my result but was hoping for my result to be twice-divorced comedian Bill Murray or 4-time divorced MLB catcher #5/Reds, Johnny Bench, both who have been recent crushes since becoming a widow since I'm an older person. Can't say this so-called quiz has any credence to reality but was fun for the moment to dream! Who knows if I may have opportunity to meet/date a celebrity but I once had interesting conversation in 1976 with major/single male TV-film star (he was 30 and I was 25); the result of our 1-hr long conversation was that he made a "move" on me. I was shocked he was just out for "a good time" & not take me seriously as a potential girlfriend; but since this guy (today he's happily married over 40 years, 3 kids & responsible/ethical family/professional life) was then a bit of a "player," I was greatly disappointed in him. Seems as though all men (including male celebrities) seem to be "choosy" (since they have all the "cards" to play within a one-night stand or relationship), so they react like "jerks" to women who approach them (or treat us like stalkers). One celebrity (who had already previous several wives/relationships) who met a fan (from OH) & then married her (about 12 years ago?) is singer Eric Clapton. Now that he's "dry" (not into drugs), he may have been a better "catch" than when he was younger during the 1960's & 1970's. Maybe all men (whether or not they're "celebrity-men" or regular guys) need to "grow-up" & mature before they ever consider the responsibility of marriage/family. But note to Bill Murray or Johnny Bench: if/when you're ever in my "space," please respond with kindness/honesty instead of being oblivious/cocky to what's possibly the best thing that could ever happen for y

  • @carifoo01 Logan Lerman is on "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", Elijah Wood is Frodo from "The Lord of the Rings" series and "Wilfred", Rupert Grint is Ron Weasely from the "Harry Potter" series and we all know who Leonardo Dicaprio is! :)

  • Uhm... I had to give this quiz 10 stars. I think I'm stupified. Lol. I had no idea what celebraties would be in the results, or what KIND of celebrities they would be - singers, actors, ect. And I hardly EVER get crushes on people. I've only ever had like 1 crush (well... mostly just one haha).

    And that was who I got as a result!!! That is just crazy!!!! High-five!!!

  • This is pretty good, but I have no idea who Logan Lerman, Elijah Wood and Rupert Grint are. Btw I got Elijah Wood.

  • Elijah Wood? Dang. I wanted Logan Lerman. I mean who doesn't like Percy Jackson? Good quiz, though

  • Really good quiz! I got Zac Efron

  • Front page, but no comments?? Huh.
    Well, I got Zac Effron


    GRINT I AM HIS ULTIMATE FAN AND LOVE HIM WAY MORE THAN THE PERSON I GOT by the way I got Zacki Enron but I don't even know who he is

  • leonardo decaprio!! OMG! Lol! :P


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