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  • Your Result: Blue

    Blue is the color of intellect, reason, illusion, logic, knowledge, manipulation, and trickery, as well as the classical elements of air and water. Blue's cards are best at letting a player draw additional cards; permanently taking control of an opponent's cards; returning cards to their owner's hand; and countering spells. Blue's creatures tend to be weaker than creatures of other colors, but commonly have abilities and traits which make them difficult to damage or block, particularly "Flying" and to a lesser extent "Shroud". Blue's weaknesses include having trouble permanently dealing with spells that have already been played, the reactive nature of most of its spells, and the fact that its creatures tend to be inefficient.

    >>> Not surprised one bit! My deck is U/B. I used to play U/W, but that was only for several years when I first started playing about 15 years ago. Interestingly, I scored 80% for Blue, but 0% for Black. Cool quiz.

  • Your Result: White

    White is the color of order, equality, righteousness, healing, law, community, peace, absolutism/totalita rianism, and light, although not necessarily "good". White's strengths are a roster of small creatures that are strong collectively; protecting those creatures with enchantments; gaining life; preventing damage to creatures or players; imposing restrictions on players; destroying artifacts and enchantments; and the ability to "equalize" the playing field. White creatures are known for their "Protection" from various other colors or even types of card, rendering them nearly impervious to harm from those colors or cards. Numerous white creatures also have "First Strike", "Lifelink", and "Vigilance". White's weaknesses include a focus on creatures and the fact that many of its most powerful spells affect all players equally. good quiz it was fun

    Jack Attack 1995
  • Your Result: Black.

    Black is the color of power, ambition, greed, death, corruption, selfishness, and amorality. It is not necessarily evil, but many cards refer directly and indirectly to this concept. Black cards are best at destroying creatures, forcing players to discard cards from their hand, making players lose life, and returning creatures from the dead. Black seeks to win at all costs, it has limited access to many abilities or effects that are normally available only to one of the other colors; but these abilities are disproportionately expensive, often requiring the sacrifice of life, creatures, or other resources. Black is known for having creatures with the ability "Intimidate", making them difficult to block. Lesser black abilities include "Deathtouch" and "Regeneration". Black's main weaknesses are an almost complete inability to deal with enchantments and artifacts, its tendency to hurt itself almost as badly as it hurts the opponent, and difficulties in removing other black creatures.

  • I got blue, which I didn't expect. I usually play A white/red combo, which were my second and third choices.

  • My result bluem was surprising. And then next two were green and red. Used to be a white red mix. Then white blue. I liked it.

  • What on earth does “Colorless” mean? I’m Blue 60%, Colorless 60%, Red 40%, Green 20%, Black 20%, and White 0%.


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