What luigi's mansion:dark moon character are you?

There are thousands of luigi's mansion: dark moon players,and your personal qualities are what determine who you are,am I right? Are you King Boo, Luigi, greenie, or Slammer?

Are you a slammer? Get the facts. Are you a Greenie? Tinker on! Are you king boo? Aaaaaa! Are you Luigi? Get braver and stronger, my dear Watson! This is it!

Created by: Michael

  1. Do you tinker with stuff?
  2. Does chaos appeal to you?
  3. Does the color green attract you?
  4. Do you bench press?
  5. How do you vacuum
  6. Do you give orders?
  7. Does a shovel keep you safe?
  8. Does a good rock go to the hydrolics press?
  9. This quiz is almost done.
  10. The quiz is done.

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Quiz topic: What luigi's mansion:dark moon character am I?