Luigi's mansion quiz - Beginner

Luigi's mansion is one of the best gamecube game that nintendo ever did. It's short you can finish it in a day but it's so fun. You'll play it again and again and again.

Do you think you know luigi's mansion well. Then try this quiz to find out. This is a beginner's quiz with easy questions perfect for starters it's mainly about area 1.

Created by: James

  1. How many area's are in the game?
  2. What is the first area boss?
  3. Who is the first portrait ghost?
  4. Who do you find crying at the start of the game?
  5. Who is trapped?
  6. Who is the boss before the baby?
  7. Where do you train at the start of the game?
  8. What do you start with?
  9. True or False: Luigi can't go upstairs
  10. Who can save your game?

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