What Love Song Are You?

Excuse spelling dont have time to check. For every relationship/person there is a love song. What is yours?? Click to find out if its what you really are.

Excuse spelling dont have time to check. HHmmm I bet your oozing tofind out what you are. Well I am going to tease you a little longer. What are you? GO!

Created by: Dallas
  1. Are you currently in a relatinship?
  2. How many serious relationships have you been in?
  3. (NO EFFECT) Are you bored?
  4. Are you bisexual?
  5. Have you plannned a perfect wedding?
  6. Have you already thought of names for your future children?
  7. Do you have crush on someone? (NOT your boyfriend/girlfriend someone else)
  8. Running outta ideas... this has no effect but do you like bananas??
  9. Quick! Rock or pop?
  10. Are you glad this is over?
  11. Final question; (please!) will you leave a comment?

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Quiz topic: What Love Song am I?