What lord of the rings character is your buddy

There are many characters in lord of the rings. Who would be your best bud. You could be deceptive like smegal, loyal like sam, smart like legolas or adventurous like frodo

See who will be your best friend. You never know who it could be. Fight for the ring, take the ring, or deliever the ring. I hope you find true happiness with your new friend.

Created by: Taquito

  1. If you were given the ring what would you do with it?
  2. If an ork leapt on you what would you do?
  3. If Saruman offered 50,000 dollars for the ring what would you do?
  4. If you went on a date with aragon's woman where would you go?
  5. If Pipin invited you to his party of the year what would you do?
  6. If you were betrayed by smegal what would you do?
  7. What would you do if smegal ate all the pizza
  8. What would you do with an army of 100,000
  9. Where would you like to live
  10. What would you do if you had pointy ears.

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Quiz topic: What lord of the rings character is my buddy