The Lord of the Rings

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There are millions of people who have seen Lord of the Rings, but do they truly know the movie and all the important behind-the-seen specific secret information about the characters?

Do you know the Lord of the Rings? Do you know everything about it? Do you know all of the details of the movie and the series? If you can pass this, then you must know it well.

Created by: Seth
  1. How old was Legolas in the movies?
  2. There were how many uruks attacking Helms Deep?
  3. How old do you have to be to be an adult hobbit?
  4. Legolas killed 43 orcs at Helms Deep
  5. Which of the following people did not kill a hobbit?
  6. Which of the following people are immortal?
  7. How many movies are/will be in the series of Lord of the Rings?
  8. A Goblin is an orc and an uruk breeded together.
  9. Boromir was killed by an uruk
  10. Sam was given elven spices as a gift from Galadriel
  11. Merry is 7 years older than Pippin
  12. Isiuldur was the last king of Gondor
  13. Sauron can only be killing by......
  14. Sam had four kids
  15. Frodo killed Golumn
  16. Did Aragorn ever have a son?
  17. It took 110 days for Boromir to get from Osgiliath to Rivendell
  18. Gandalf lived to see how many lives of man?

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