What Linkin Park Song Are You?

Everybody, at one point of their life, has heard Linkin Park and thought, "Hey! This song applies so much to my life!" Most of their songs are about life so, it's almost impossible to not connect with an LP song. Thus, if you feel like you wanna find out which song applies to your life, take this fun quiz! :D.

If you're an LP fan then, #Respect and #Love. If you aren't one, then go check em out! ♥ Everyone wants to associate themselves with LP and everyone simply LOVES them. Enjoy taking this fun quiz! Lots of love! PS, This quiz is only for entertainment purposes.

Created by: Reyana
  1. Are you angry all the time?
  2. Are you tired of being shoved around?
  3. Just for the sake of it, which LP song do you feel suits you the most?
  4. Why are you REALLY taking this test?
  5. Which song has got the best guitar solos?
  6. Favourite member would be?
  7. Best screams performed by Chester?
  8. Best rap performed by Shinoda?
  9. Best album by Linkin Park?
  10. Do you care about the result? (Doesn't affect score)

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Quiz topic: What Linkin Park Song am I?