Linkin park quiz.

While searching the music catagory for quizzes i found that there is no LINKIN PARK quiz . Being a true LP fan, i decided to make one which test your 'LP'IQ.

Do you think that you know all about LINKIN PARK ???? Or you are their biggest fan. Try out your skills here on this quiz and see if you think right or you have some misconceptions

Created by: What

  1. What was the name of their first album?
  2. What is the name of their latest album?
  3. At which place, does the band originate?
  4. Who is the lead of this band?
  5. Mike shinoda, band's rapper belongs to........
  6. Linkin Park has NOT collaborated with .......
  7. Identify the song- ".....i cant take the way you did before,dont turn your back at me, i wont be ignored....."
  8. Identify the song- "one thing,i dont know why, it doesnt even matter how hard to try, keep that in mind ......."
  9. Identify the song- "god save us every1 we are the broken people living on the loaded guns,........"
  10. Identify the song- "in this farewell, there is no blood, there is no alipi, well i done regret for the sins that i have never done........"
  11. Do you like this quiz??

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