What level in gymnastics should you be on??

Hi there!! Ever wonder what level you should be or would be on in gymnastics?? Take this quiz to find out!! Simply answer the questions (honestly!!) and click Submit Answer to discover your score!!

Remember though; I'm not magical so please don't be disappointed if you didn't get the answer you were looking/hoping for!! Have fun, enjoy this quiz!!

Created by: hi
  1. How long have you been doing gymnastics for ??
  2. Can you fall into a backbend (back into crab)??
  3. How many splits can you do??
  4. Can you do a handspring??
  5. How long can you hold a handstand for??
  6. Can you do a cartwheel on beam??
  7. Are you serious about gymnastics??
  8. Can you do a front flip (on DMT)??
  9. Do you practise often?
  10. Did you like this quiz??

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Quiz topic: What level in gymnastics should I be on??