What KIRO Host Are You?

Are you destined to be reincarnated as a NewsTalk 710 KIRO radio host? If so, which one? Dori Monson? Dave Ross? Ron Upshaw? Don O'Neil? Phil Van Der Vort? Ciscoe Morris?

This quiz will help you identify which of NewsTalk 710 KIROs most popular personalities you may come find yourself as in the next life. The questions are all scientific.

Created by: Zan
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  1. What form of transportation do you prefer?
  2. What do you prefer to do when your air shift is over?
  3. Which is your Alma Mater?
  4. If the election were held tomorrow, you would vote for ...
  5. You just renewed your subscription to ...
  6. Your dream guest is ...
  7. You'd be most likely to find this song on your iPod playlist ...
  8. If you were to get a new pet it would be a [BLANK] and you would name it [BLANK]:
  9. You arrive at 13 Coins for dinner and, though you have a reservation, are made to wait an intolerable amount of time because your table is not ready. What do you exclaim to get faster service?
  10. Do you like people?

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Quiz topic: What KIRO Host am I?