Which Cinema Bizarre Band Member Are You Most Like?

If you like Cinema Bizarre take this quiz!!! Take it to see which band member you are most like!!! See if you are a lead singer like Strify or a drummer like Shin.

Who do you like better; Strify the singer, Yu the guitarist, Shin the drummer, Luminor the keyboardist, or Kiro the bassist? Do you want to know if you are like them? Take this quiz to find that out.

Created by: Andrea

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What TV show would you rather watch?
  2. What is your favorite song from Final Attraction?
  3. What is your favorite animal out of the following?
  4. What Are Your Favorite Colours Out Of The Following?
  5. What Is Your Favorite Number Out Of The Following?
  6. Which Height Would You Wan't To Be?
  7. What Would Your Motto Be Out Of The Following?
  8. Who Is Your Favorite Band Member?
  9. How Old Would You Like To Be?
  10. Choose A Number Out Of The Following.

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Quiz topic: Which Cinema Bizarre Band Member am I Most Like?