what kinda people do u attract as friends?

many people dont kno who they attract, but this little quiz can help u figure it out. and hey maybe its right but then again maybe not. it never hurt to find out who u like to hang with

WHO DO U HANG WITH? that is the question everybody wants to kno and i have it right here in this quiz which i think is pretty right cuz i took it and i got who i hang with so maybe u will to answer them with truth tho.

Created by: rich

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wat kinda music u like
  2. were do u like to shop
  3. were do u like to sit in class
  4. wat do u like to do
  5. how do u want to die
  6. wat do u do at lunch
  7. do u always wear a jacket
  8. wat do u do in computer lab
  9. wats ur favorite color
  10. this has nothin to do with ur quiz results

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