What kind of spouse are you?

Are you a kind of spouse who would give your life for your solemate? or are you just flat out lazy and you and your spouse hate each other? find out now.

Myself, i got good friend/romantic. 2nd best one there is. Theres romantic, good friend, aquantince, and lazy. hopefully none of you will get lazy...

Created by: wolfman1

  1. Which of you has the job?
  2. Your spouse wants to go out to dinner to a place you hate. what do you do?
  3. How many kids?
  4. How much money does the house make
  5. Do you and your family go to church?
  6. what do you get your spouse for Christmas
  7. Ahh your spouse was mugged! what do you do
  8. Would you give your life for your spouse
  9. Its movie night what do you go see
  10. Where did you have your wedding?

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Quiz topic: What kind of spouse am I?