How well do you know Amanda?

~~Some know me very well, some know me but not very personally. See how well you know me my taking my quiz. Go ahead it's not going on your permanent record, unless you do really bad then I might be mad...just a little though.:)~~

How well do you know me? Are you an acquaintance, friend, close friend, or my spouse? Test your knowledge on me and see how well you really know me! This is just a short test to see how well you know me, take some time to see for yourself!

Created by: Amanda

  1. When's my birthday?
  2. Now you know when my birthday is, so how old am I?
  3. What's my middle name?
  4. Have I ever broken any bones?
  5. Whats my grandma's name?
  6. What is my favorite color?
  7. How long did I have my braces for?
  8. How long have me and tony been dating for?
  9. Whats my natural hair color?
  10. If I ever had a girl what would I name her?
  11. If I ever had a boy what would I name him?
  12. How many half brothers and sistes do I have?
  13. What color are my eyes?
  14. If I had to choose a theme for something what would it be?
  15. Which out of the following would be my favorite drink?
  16. Out of which fast food places would I rather eat at?
  17. Where was I my freshmen year of high school?
  18. What city did I live in while I was in this state?
  19. If you know your older rock this should be easy even if you dont know me....I was named after a song by what band?
  20. Bonus Question: What blood type am I?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Amanda?