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  • I liked taking the quiz because sometimes I have been naughty and need to be punished for being bad. It is very fair and more people should do it too to see what results they get and have to end up with a red behind.

    Deb Gifford

    DeborahGifford 8
    • Ooooo what did u do >:/

  • Severe 79%

    Geez Louis! You had to be REALLY bad to get this one! You get 10 swats with a belt or a ruler on your underwear with your hands on a wall. By the way, I'm being lenient on you because I heard that crap hurts.

    58% Just A Warning
    41% Regular
    33% Hard

    My dad made me spend the night on a spanking machine

    Fuzzy llama
  • I took this quiz because sometimes I'm naughty and deserve a good spanking. My results You bend over a couch and 30 swats with a paddle. Then, you stand in a corner, hands on your head, for 8 minutes. Afterwards you get a talk, and cuddles. I deserve this. I shouldn't have been purposely bad

    Sparkle kitty
  • I need a spanking

  • I got 20 hand spankings

  • I got 15 hand spankings so my parents are now punishing me my parents forced me to take this quiz

    Akshainee Sen
  • I got whipped ten times with the belt and my ass stings


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