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  • 90% Thanks for taking my quiz! Hope you liked it and had an enjoya

    You are athletic shoes! Nikes' Adidas, Pumas'. You are way up there in the popular zone! Everybody likes you, shoes of all kinds!

    Well...I wear Adidas. But thats really it out of the ones u named. Those I liked ur questions. I think im a bit of all three stereo types u used. good Quiz :D

    Puppy xo1
  • u were the first 2 rate ur own quiz? thats kinda sad. i feel a little insulted that im a cheap athletic shoe. but then again, its not exactly a complement to be compared to a shoe. not the cooliest quiz, but it's pretty cool...yes, i did say "cooliest."

  • oh yes i am awesome!!! i be dem cheap athletic shoes that cost 30 bucks wich is exactly wat i wear!!! they r perfect for me cuz im an athlete but i dont like those 70 dollar shoes cuz its pointless to wear some thing that costs 70 bucks if ur gonna end up throwing them away!!!

  • This quiz is awesome! Made by me and I am an athletic shoe!

  • i got athletic shoe...i kinda wanted like skater shoes, those are what i usually wear. but o school and stuff, i wear like addidas. awesome wuiz!

  • ya know what bubblz? u r mean and don't know how to spell! how stupid r u? of course i am the first to rate my own quiz! i'm the first one to take it...BURN.


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