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  • 35%

    Ok I'm starting to get fed up with your behavior. Your getting a good hard spanking this time. Go pick a switch get back to your room and pull down your pants and underwear and bend over the bed your getting 30 from the switch and 30 with the belt. Then your going to bed without dinner and you are to write an essay on how you are going to improve your behavior.

    i'll be so embarrassed... i'll try to get my bf to scale back.

  • my result:
    100% Your punishment is.....100%

    Since you watched to act like a child then your going to be treated like one. You are in big trouble. You have lost all your prevlages including going to the bathroom. You are to be put in diapers for the next month. Spanked everytime you need your butt changed your getting a big soapy enema and made to sit in your mess for two hours before you are to be changed. Followed with 100 lines everyday for a month by 10 in the morning. You will be getting the switch 100 times a night along with the belt and 50 from the hard wooden paddle every night before bedtime. Your bedtime is set to 9pm and not a min later. Maybe next time you'll want to act your age or you can expect the same treatment you are also getting a mouthsoaping every morning till your off restrictions.

  • My result was im getting fed op with your behavior go pick a swicth then go to your room and pull down your pants and underwear bend over the chair and your getting 30 with the hand 30 with the swicth and 30 with the cane. Then your going to get a good mouth wash with the soap. Then your going to right a essay on how your going to be better.

  • Got a hard spanking plus a mouthsoaping

  • Jeez, did u actually do these things to ur kid???

  • i live in wheaton il my parents wont do this quiz one me but i realy derseve this please email me so we could meet up

    [no emails]
    (i perfer a women doing this)

    • Its lpsannabrannon @gmail.com

  • Stop making these quizzes people! Bullying is NOT OK!

  • My ass hurt and I wear a wet and mess diaper

    Kikajuo fan