What Kind Of Personality do you have?

There a many other personality types but this covers the basic everyday people and how they act, are you boring? are you wild? Average or random? only one way to find out!

Have you wondered what kind of personality you have? Does it drive you crazy? You can guess and guess but never kno, but now you can find out the basics of who you are!

Created by: jayson
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. On a date you:
  2. When You set up a date you:
  3. After The Date you:
  4. When You go to the movies you typically go see:
  5. When your with your friends you:
  6. When A friend asks you if you wanna hang you say:
  7. How Many "Guy" friends do you have?
  8. Do You Have A Bed Time?
  9. How Offten do you go to parties?
  10. How Late do you stay up till?
  11. How Offten do you hand out with friends?
  12. When you sleep at a friends you:
  13. When you see an adult intertainment store you:
  14. When you go swimming you typically like:
  15. Whut kind of underpants do u wear?
  16. When your alone you like to:
  17. On your spare time you like to:
  18. When your with your bf/gf/wife/husbend you like to:
  19. Finally when you go to say good night you:

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Personality do I have?