What kind of person are you??

There are many people out there, but there are only a few different personalities. Are you curious what personality YOU carry? Or maybe even your friends?? Well, if you wanna know, come play this quiz!!

To find out what your personality is, come find out! You will be surprised to see your results ..make your mom and dad play this quiz, make your best friends play it and you will all find out who you REALLY are! Enjoy!!

Created by: Eva
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  1. you go to a public bathroom in your school or work. Which bathroom will you most likely take?
  2. There's a party tomorrow night and O.M.G you're favourite celebrity is going to be there!!!!
  3. there's a TERRIBLE rumour going around about you and your first reaction after hearing it is....
  4. who do you love the most?
  5. halloween is coming soon and you must find the perfect outfit...
  6. you go to the zoo and you're just DIEING to see....
  7. a big group of people you really dont like are walking behind you and you hear them laughing and whispering..you immediately think...
  8. your on your way out with your best friend and your best friends tells you on the way there that you look bad... You think
  9. what colours would you say describes you best??
  10. you get a HUGE load of homework/work to do in just ONE DAY but you had a terrible day at school/work and everything went wrong!! what would you do??
  11. you hear that your neighbours cat had a litter of kittens. You..
  12. you sleep over at your best friends house and whilst you there, your friend tells you that his/her favourite programme is on which is 2 hours long and it is the most BORING thing you've EVER seen in your life!!! you...

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Quiz topic: What kind of person am I??