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  • There were questions that weren't even close to what I'd do, so I felt I couldn't answer them. Like I like to hang out in my room writing or animting(I'm still fast as a rocket though;) and I was aksed by two people already(as shy and not particuarly attractive as I am, that's cool[exept that I didn't answerD: lol])I don't realy think I'm "down too earth" ether, I'm somewhere in-between that and having my "head in the clouds", but I know it's somewhere close to them both. Anyways, this comment is too long as it is, so I'll end it here XD

  • fun quiz! said i attract jocks and preps cause im outgoing or whatever and it was like so true but im a girl so idk where jocks came from or whatever

  • My result was emo. Fun quiz!

  • Woah Earth hippies.....

    Elsa Rossete

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