What kind of offspring are you to your parents?

Have you ever thought about how our parents classify us and compare us to our siblings? Surely, almost a 100% of the population has. The most common stereotype about this is the good and bad child but for this quiz, I added two more to be a little more specific.

I included the good child, the bad child, the follower and the mischievous. The results might not be quite accurate yet due to the lack of specific questions about it but it for now, this is how it turns out.

Created by: KitsuneKuramu42
  1. Do you follow whatever your parents tell you?
  2. Have you ever disobeyed you parents in any way possible?
  3. Do you respect the people who brought you into this world?
  4. Do you get something in return when you follow their orders?
  5. Do you think you've done a lot for you parents?
  6. Do you care about what they might say about the things you do?
  7. Are you a good child?
  8. Are you a bad child?
  9. Are you JUST following orders?
  10. Do you create mischief?

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Quiz topic: What kind of offspring am I to my parents?