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  • I Spelled Spelled Wrong!Ugh!What Is Wrong With My DSI XL?!

    Kiersten 1D Aug 28 '14, 8:41PM
  • Oh No!I Speled Nialls Name Wrong!I Am So Ashamed!I Meant Niall,Not Nial!Im So Sorry!Please Forgive Me Directioners!

    Kiersten 1D Aug 28 '14, 8:40PM
  • I Got Ultra Nerd And Im Not Ashamed To Say That!I Love One Direction And Nial Horan!Ha Ha Ha!Bye! :)

    Kiersten 1D Aug 28 '14, 8:38PM
  • Did I mention rap is like my least favorite thing ever? Next to The Rolling Stones, The Beatles breaking up and John Lennon's death.

    Beatle Obsessed Oct 8 '12, 8:20PM
  • Plain Nerd. Oh gods of Olympus!!! STALKER! I love that song, like video games but prefer computer. I get straight A's buy I am popular and friendly. STALKER!!!!

    Beatle Obsessed Oct 8 '12, 8:19PM
  • Not a nerd.

    Rainbowfeather5 Aug 6 '12, 11:37PM
  • plain nerd. ha xD. nice quiz.

    misskiss Nov 11 '08, 9:56PM
  • ugh, plain nerd..i wanted to be an awesome nerd, xD. kewl quiz anyway =PP

    syn_x3 Nov 11 '08, 8:36PM
  • ii like it! ^.^

    stroodlexcullen Nov 11 '08, 7:29PM

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