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  • My Result: Dragon by 76%

    You are a majestic beast of tooth,claw,and fire.You would want to fly with you gigantic wings away from the land.You truly are a great,shining beauty.

    Pegasus by 40%
    Vampire by 28%
    I must say: Totally Sweet and Awesome!! :) :D

    Elaine Evans
  • Your Result: Pegasus

    You are a flying winged horse.It frickin can't be

    beaten.You like to soar high across the sky to

    feel the strong wind beneath your wings.And
    you aren't as big as a dragon...(so great)
    Dragon 53%
    vampire 41%

    Nina SakaMi
  • Holy crap! I love dragons!! Very accurate!!

  • Wow, im a Pegasus just like i wanted to be!


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