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  • I was really surprised at my results, 80% classical but 84% geolibertarian? Supposedly I don't agree that anyone can own land? WHAT? How does anyone calling themselves a libertarian think that private land ownership is a nono? Who are we renting from...the state??? The state owns the land?! I believe in paying sales and service tax to fund NECESSARY functions of govt only. Defense, roads/infastructure, stuff like that. But absolutely believe in private ownership. The state can keep their hands off my s---. Otherwise it might as well be communism.

  • There were some questions where I didn't agree with the choices given, so I selected the choice that best reflected my beliefs. The current fiasco in Libya has caused me to rethink my position on interventionsm.

  • Your description on anarcho-capitalists is wrong, you basically said we were communists, we dont believe that tje government exists to protect the capitalists class and that removing the government would remove private propert. We believe cocompletely in the free market and private property thats why you cant have a state.

  • I would agree. Some ? I really didn't know what to choose. So not sure I came out with the right answer, but over all it came real close to what I would have called myself.

  • There are some tough questions which make for very tough calls where my answeres could go two ways.


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