What kind of HL player are you?

Horseland is filled with all sorts of different people. Some of them are likable and many of them aren't.

Which kind are you?

Created by: pettie
  1. What do you spend your time doing on HL?
  2. Around how many points do your animals generally have?
  3. How often are you on the forums?
  4. So what's up?
  5. What do you do mainly on HL?
  6. Like this quiz?
  7. How often do you get booted, blocked, or banned?
  8. iresdf---jyhafsdx
  9. You see someone getting bullied in the forums, the world, or in chat. What do you do?
  10. How many horses do you have on HL?

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Quiz topic: What kind of HL player am I?