What Kind of Howrse Player Are You

okay there are a lot of Howrse.com related quizzes i tried to make this quiz different - doesn't everyone? - but the categories are the best i could think of soo... i tried.

so what kind of Howrse.com player are you?? will you join me as a breeder or will you be one of the other choices?? but i guess the only way to find out is to take the quiz!

Created by: Mason98 of this site
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  1. (the first two questtions didn't count for anything) okay so, what do you think you will be?
  2. so what is the first thing you do when you log on?
  3. if you were banned from Howrse for awhile what would you do?
  4. you were just offered 1,000,000,000e what is your reaction?
  5. you see that some one has put there password on there page...it is valid what do you do??
  7. Have you ever broke the rules and lost a karma point?
  8. do you like Howrse?
  9. if i told you to fully Bold fully BLUP and get as many skills on your next foal as possible would you know what i mean and how to do it?
  10. last question! have you ever had multi accounts? (honestly!)

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Howrse Player am I