what kind of girl do u like

Wanna know exactly what kind of relationship or lack thereof you should try for? Trust me you might be suprised at who you like. Or not? Who knows? Lifes full of suprises. Trust me though this is a true quiz.

Do you like thin or plump? Smart or dumb? Good or bad? Good luck. Enjoy this quiz and please if you like it give me a good rating and I'll make more. And if you dont like it I'm sorry I tried really hard.

Created by: Ollie
  1. What accesory turns u on the most?
  2. Which sounds like the most fun?
  3. How do u like girls?
  4. How do u like girls?
  5. What sport that a girl plays turns you on?
  6. Be honest do u like being bossed around?
  7. U like a girl with a sense of:
  8. Who's your favorite celeb?
  9. Are you what most people mite call a trouble maker?
  10. What kind of hair do u like?

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