What kind of friend are you

Ever wondered what kind of a friend you are? Are you a normal, awesome, or a really stinking friend? You can find out by just answering 10 easy little questions

Both boys and girls can take this quiz. Hopefully you'll get the results you want. Don't forget to rate. And don't cheat.Good luck. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo. Girlz

Created by: Girlz

  1. Your friend is getting bullied. What do you do
  2. Its your friends birthday . What will you buy
  3. Your boyfriend / girlfriend asks to go out after you decide to hang out with ur friends at same time. You
  4. Your friend sees a popular girl with answers written on her leg during the test. You
  5. Your friend gets you a gift you hate. You
  6. Do you like this quiz
  7. When do you have most fun?
  8. How many friends do you have
  9. Your friend gets measles and is in the hospital you
  10. Let fate decide

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