What Kind Of Fall Out Boy Fan Are You?

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Take this quiz to find out what type of Fall Out Boy fan you are. *Disclaimer* You will probably need to know at least some basic Fall Out Boy facts in order to take this quiz.

They are making me type another one hundred fifty characters so... monday, cement, apple, quarter, flamingo, grass, indigo, socks, wallaby, Ireland, nose hair, cucumb- oh okay there we go.

Created by: Witlie

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  1. Who is your favorite Fall Out Boy member?
  2. Which album is your favorite?
  3. You HAVE to get a tattoo relating to Fall Out Boy, what do you get?
  4. Which Patrick Stump era is your favorite?
  5. Quick! What's "Evening Out With Your Girlfriend"?
  6. Out of these songs, which is your favorite?
  7. You have to kill one member of Fall Out boy, who do you choose?
  8. Your thoughts on Take This To Your Grave?
  9. Have you seen the Youngblood Chronicles?
  10. What is your biggest Fall Out Boy fandom pet peeve?
  11. How much band merch do you think you have?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Fall Out Boy Fan am I?