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  • Interesting that the creator of this quiz considers abortion a human freedom, and those who oppose it intolerant. Ironically most people having a gay marriage would be more than happy to raise the children who are aborted every year.

    frankie Dec 5 '15, 9:46AM
  • Comunistizar

    Communist Jan 24 '14, 8:36PM
  • Rational Person followed closely by Left-Wing extremist.

    CommunistJoe Nov 8 '11, 12:10PM
  • Of course I exist, wtf? Vive la revolucion!

    Someone12345 Jun 2 '11, 7:12AM
  • rational person

    Hunteriscool Jan 23 '11, 2:08PM
  • You forgot to include my strain of extremism, Anarcho-Capitalism. The problem is, every time you referred to business you dubbed them corporations which are inherent extensions of the state and would not exist in a freemarket society.

    tecknojock Oct 19 '10, 6:56PM
  • i got rational person. =]

    dgtert Apr 4 '10, 7:17PM
  • The hell, I got left-wing extremist, of course I exist, I just disagree with the gov't is all. I can find a job easily. You could make this a bit more accurate.

    AbsoluteZero Apr 4 '10, 1:00AM
  • Your Result: Rational Person and I agree.

    Rafal88022505435 Jan 6 '10, 12:00PM
  • The answer i Got: Rational Person

    I like that answer.I think it's an accurate reflection of me. ;)

    SomeItalianGuy Aug 17 '09, 8:44PM
  • Your Result: Left-Wing Extremist

    In all likelihood, you don't actually exist. You lied about your answers to see what would happen. If you did actually believe the things you claim, you would be a social pariah, you would have difficulty finding a respectable job, and no media figure would let you come within a mile of them.

    Rational Person

    Right-Wing Extremist

    Moderate Extremist

    IM AN ANARCHIST!!, but if i was forced to vote it would be for the liberals cnsevatives force unfair oppinions and useless "values" on people

    converse41 Jun 5 '09, 2:37PM
  • Right-Wing Extremist. I especially liked the second answer to question #10. I couldn't agree more.

    Princess_L Feb 26 '09, 7:07PM

    yurmom Feb 16 '09, 9:57PM
  • What kind of extremist are you?
    Your Result: Rational Person

    You consider these questions obvious straw men, designed to distract people from a meaningful investigation of facts and a serious discussion of relevant political issues. How boring.

    BloodlustSweden Mar 27 '08, 2:21PM
  • So I'm a left-wing 'extremist' and I don't exist eh? Capitalist conspiracy, viva la revolution

    Mags Mar 5 '08, 4:47PM
  • HAHAHA Rational Person, that's rich!

    shanazel_1 Jan 23 '08, 12:42AM
  • Uh, Left Wing Extremist may actually be a correct way to describe me, but you gotta add terribly lazy and more than just a dash apathetic.

    Now I'm gonna actually LIE on this quiz BWAHAHAHAHA!

    shanazel_1 Jan 23 '08, 12:41AM
  • meh

    chick Oct 14 '07, 9:20PM

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