What Kind Of Excerciser Are You?

There are many different excercises out there and many different books targeting each form. Each type helps reach certain goals and target certain parts of the mind, body, and soul.

Your excerice preference can be decided by your likes, goals, and much more. Complete this quiz and find the excercise program and guides that are right for you!

Created by: Cristyle

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  1. What membership is most important to your workout routine?
  2. An hour of pilates is as effective as an hour on the eliptical machine.
  3. If I don't break a good sweat, I don't feel I've gotten a very good workout.
  4. A total workout includes...
  5. My favorite workout is..
  6. My favorite workout song is..
  7. Stretching is important..
  8. When I workout it's get in - get out - on the go..
  9. When I work out I am looking to..
  10. This book represents my workout goal..

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Excerciser am I?