What Kind Of Couple Are You And Your Crush?

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Find out what kind of couple you and your crush/partner are by taking this quiz! The result names are a little weird since theyre based on my OCs, but its a fun quiz!!

Im gonna type gibberish to fill the text box. Yaaaaaay. DvrragjrtjrtjRTJARTJYTAJYThttrntrnRyjafynagfnfhznzfgnhfzgmhx. Jam,gjz ghg j,thx,T.J.,ghg,htmhmfyfmjrt

Created by: LeaFox

  1. Lets start with you. For the next few questions, pick which best applies to YOU.
  2. Next question. You are....
  3. Last question about you. Are you more caring or witty?
  4. Now lets talk about your crush/partner. Which are they MOST?
  5. Are they....
  6. Are they a sass master?
  7. Now, be honest, its true or false time! Are you dating?
  8. You are _______ to your partner/crush
  9. You are ______ more than anything else.
  10. You have known each other for...
  11. You are mutually in love.
  12. You are total opposites

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Couple am I And my Crush?