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  • This is kind of a stuffy quiz. Christians need to spend time with non-Christians. We need to be a light to the world, and you can't be that when you're hidden in your church and offended by everything non-Christians do. I think we become pharisees when we think we're so much better than non-Christians. None of us deserves even one minute of the Grace of God that has been given freely to us. Bring sinners to church, that's what church is for. Our God is full of grace and mercy, shouldn't we be full of grace and mercy.

  • Really nice quiz; there aren't enough Christian quizzes on this site... I had to struggle a bit to pick an answer, though, since what I would've realistically said to the question was something between the first and second options.

  • thank you. you've opened my eyes. great quiz by the way.


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