What Kind of Catholic Are You?

When people refer to Catholics today, they often mean Roman Catholics. But, there are many other types of Catholics. Some are associated with cultural groups like Byzantine Catholics or Polish National Catholics while others such as Old Catholics span all cultures. While some groups are in union with Rome, others have their own bishops, in the tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church. We have seen many such independently governed churches for well over 200 years.

So what kind of a Catholic are you? Have you ever considered that you may feel "more at home" with another community? Take our quiz to evaluate what church your beliefs align with best.

Created by: ANCC of American National Catholic Church
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  1. I believe that God may call all people to be ordained as deacons, priests and bishops. Gender is not a prohibitive factor and both mena and women can be ordained.
  2. I believe that God may call all people to ordained ministry as a deacon, priest or bishop. Sexual orientation should not be a factor. Heterosexuals as well as GLBT people may be ordained.
  3. I believe that God may call all people to ordained ministry as a deacon, priest or bishop. Marital status should not be a factor. Single or married people may be ordained
  4. I believe that while divorce is tragic for all parties involved, it does not serve as a barrier to full participation in the sacramental life of the church. Divorced people may remarry and receive communion.
  5. Marriage is a sacrament open to all people, no matter what their sexual orientation may be. Opposite gender and same gender couples are all welcomed to marriage.
  6. Only those who are ordained clergy should have a voice in the governance of the church.
  7. The people of the church should have a voice in the selection of their bishops.
  8. I believe in the teaching of papal infallibility.
  9. I believe the Church is in need of reform that helps it to reflect contemporary understanding.
  10. I believe there is no salvation outside of the Roman Catholic Church.

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