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  • Old pickup truck. I like it!

    AwesomelyAwesome May 27 '14, 6:52PM
  • Got a ford pinto

    Sami12 Jan 26 '14, 6:39AM
  • AWESOME Ferarri they rock ( not as much as 1969 camaro that is black and yellow)

    8Milerockstar Aug 8 '11, 2:26AM
  • OHNO THEY DIDNT YOU CALLED ME CHEAP your luck i don't know your last name cuz i could bash u

    BJ_the_DJ Apr 8 '11, 1:18AM
  • nice, I got a Prius

    Faun of Ivy Sep 26 '10, 11:17PM
  • Ughh! I got Ferari! I don't like them. They are really, really ugly. I like Mustangs. Oh,well. Second best.=] XOxoBrookelle. Great quiz by the way. 'Cept a few queations were stupid.

    xxcookxx Apr 26 '09, 3:34PM

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