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  • Unfortunately it is highly unreliable and gave me a completely wrong answer to my perspective pertaining to the Alt-Right (between Lib/AnCap or Traditionalist/Mon depending on gun choice). I don't exactly see what gun preference has to do with whether you are "Alt-Right" or not either.

    Choosing one at random with the hit of a backspace and hitting "submit" once more gives me an entirely different answer. But then again, I know next to nothing about guns or their origins.

    Crappy quiz, m8, but a nice gimmick.

  • You're a bit of a romantic, and you likely reject the label of "alt-right" as too amoral. Your chief goal is a return to the old order: societies focused upon God and the family, legitimate authority, the confluence of truth and beauty, and so on. You are probably either traditional Catholic or Orthodox and belong to way too many niche Facebook groups.

    Points for me b----es.

    Aleksander Vsev
  • It had a couple questions that didn't give me an acceptable answer to pick. The state exists to protect private property, and I believe abortion is a necessary evil.

  • It's amusing, as an unabashed Leninist and Jacobin to take this test! It doesn't know what to do with someone who is not a RIGHTIST. It assumes everyone is.

  • Quiz creator do you realize that libertarianism is not an alt-right ideology? Neither is anarcho-capitalism for that matter.

    That's like saying Bernie was a commie. Which is actually more true lol

  • this title is decieveing to people who are right wing, people who are right wing ex;sargon to peterson are not alt right and reject identity politics entirely people who say they are alt right are, for the most part are pro white


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