What Kind Of Adult Baby Are You?

Hi, This is a fun abdl personality quiz. This isn't meant to be taken seriously, I thought it would be fun to make one so here I am. Now put on your diaper and take this quiz baby :)

Find out what kind of big baby you are in this quiz. Questions will be about diapers and a lot of other babyish things. I am just trying to type what i can so the site lets me publish this quiz. Have fun!

Created by: BabyRachie
  1. Are You A Baby?
  2. What Is Your Opinion On Diapers
  3. What Is Your Favourite Part Of The Day?
  4. How Do You Laugh?
  5. Which Best Describes You?
  6. When Talking To New People, You Tend To...
  7. If You Were A Humanoid Creature, Which Would You Be?
  8. What Do You Value Most?
  9. Oh No! You Just Had Another Accident In Public. What Do You Do?
  10. What Is Your Favourite Colour?
  11. What Is Your Favourite Drink?
  12. What Is Your Favourite Baby Food Puree Flavour?
  13. What Is Your Favourite Activity?
  14. What Is Your Favourite Stuffie?
  15. What Is Your Favourite Outfit?
  16. What Is Your Favourite Way To Go Somewhere?
  17. What Is Your Favourite Thing About Diapees?
  18. What Would You Rather?
  19. Would You Rather?
  20. Which Best Describes The State Of Your Diaper At The End Of This Quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Adult Baby am I?

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