Which element of nature would you have as a superpower?

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HI! Welcome to my busting boredom quiz! I made this quiz especially for my little baby nephew. Well, not baby, he is 6 and bored to the bone because of isolation. There will be more coming, Lil' Dude!

So please comment in case you found this quiz not good so i'll know. I would also take any complements or any ideas to make my quiz better i will gladly take them!!

Created by: Fun_ston
  1. So... your best friend isn't letting you be part of her new club. She says you would make her feel embarrassed. Would you:
  2. Your crush had asked you to the dance. He says:"You are good enough to impress the guys." You are upset that he doesn't actually like you. Do you:
  3. A new Harry Potter book comes out. Do you:
  4. Which name would you most likely call your son in the future?
  5. Which name would you most likely call your daughter in the future?
  6. Your FAB new outfit:
  7. What do most people think of you?
  8. An interesting new teacher approaches you,"Hello, Bonny, I knew you'd be special!" The kids in the hallway laugh because: 1) you aren't Bonny2) The teacher is the weirdest and 3) Its just HILARIOUS! Do you:
  9. Did you find this quiz fun or stupid?
  10. Finally... don't forget to please comment or like my quiz!

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