What kind of a person are you?

There are so many different characters out there but i have only made a test about four. You have the caring, the Ungreatful, the respectful, and the mysterious.

When you take the quiz be honest so maybe it will help with realizing what needs to be done with your life. Please remember these are not accurate results.

Created by: Nemo
  1. Your walking to the store after getting money from your parents, you see a homless person what do you do?
  2. Its your birthday and you were promised a car, instead you get a tv because money is tight so what do you do?
  3. You go to your friends house that you've known since you were little and the doors open what do you do?
  4. At school a kid drops his stuff in the hallway so you...
  5. Your at a restraint and you bring something to do with you while you wait for your food, what is it?
  6. Your meeting your girlfriends/boyfriends parents tonight for dinner. You have to burp so you...
  7. Your meeting some friends for a movie, what genre do you prefer?
  8. An elderly man is walking into the store your in now so you...
  9. What do you beleive people think of you?
  10. What do you see in yourself?

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Quiz topic: What kind of a person am I?